For CES 2014, Mercedes-Benz introduced a Contextual Learning Module demonstrated through the S-Class Concept Coupé and an Interactive Kiosk

Role: Design Manager
Launch: Jan 5, 2014 (CES)
Contribution: Creative Brief, Concept Lead, Supplier Management
Recognition: 2015 IxDA Interaction Award Shortlist "Disrupting"

Making machine-learning tangible

Since 2012, Mercedes-Benz R&D has been studying how machine learning can improve our overall vehicle user experience. For CES 2014, we showcased this technology in the S-Class Concept Coupé. However, the experience of contextual intelligence can only be consumed across time and space, thus our team's challenge was to design a practical and understandable way to demonstrate this technology. Together with our researchers, engineers, and development partner, IconMobile, we created an Interactive Kiosk.

Interactive Kiosk

The Kiosk consisted of three parts—a map configurator, a digital dashboard, and a model visualizer. The Map Configurator (pictured below), allows the user to drive around a virtual town, select different contexts such as passengers, time, and weather. With these input parameters, the digital dashboard shows predictions as the driver would see it, and the model visualizer expands on other possible predictions. 

Concept Specification

As part of the concept process, I was personally responsible for creating the overall concept proposal. From describing high-level feature requirements to concept wireframes for the interactive kiosk, this proposal was used to sell the vision, secure project funding, and define the overall direction of the project.