PhaseSpace Motion Capture

Founded in 1994, PhaseSpace motion capture provides high resolution, real-time motion tracking technologies for medical, industrial, and entertainment purposes.. 

Role: Creative Technologist
Contribution: Interactive demonstrations, Impulse Face plugin for MotionBuilder, data filtering algorithms


Intern to Design dilettante 

From an intern in 2003 to leading the design team in 2008, I helped push Phasespace into the entertainment market. Today, PhaseSpace's active marker technology is used by small studios and research labs around the world. Beyond my engineering contributions, my primary responsibilities were to design and produce creative demos of our technology. I also had to wear the spandex suit.

Real-time face capture

I designed and developed a facial capture plugin for Autodesk Motionbuilder. The plugin integrated our real-time active markers and remapped the motion into any generic face skeleton-rig. While the system was not comfortable to wear, it provided a solution used for real-time pre-visualization. This technology has been utilized in a number of game and film productions.