smart Cross Connect

Built for the 2015 redesigned smart fortwo and smart forfour, the Cross Connect app brought a fully-contained infotainment experience to a smart phone application.

Role: Design Manager
Launch: Nov 2014 (Germany)
Contribution: Creative Brief, Executive Pitch and Reviews, Scrum Process Implementation

Add some FUn to your drive

Cross Connect is a free iOS and Android application bundled together with a hardware mount for the 2015 smart car. The goal of the application was to provide a full infotainment experience right from your phone. Our team took this challenge and focused on adding some fun. Cross Connect pairs with the system radio and visualizes vehicle data, such as G-Force, fuel consumption, and driving speed. 

Handheld mode

Once you exit the car, Cross Connect becomes more powerful. The app records all your trip details and provides a driving score based on your driving habits and fuel consumption. Additionally, smart-sized parking spots can be photographed and shared with the rest of the smart community. 


With a team of two designers and three developers, Cross Connect was pitched and developed in 9-months and the software stability and quality suffered. Integration with a brand-new vehicle also proved challenging. While the application is still live today, it is maintained from Mercedes-Benz R&D India.